Some people make coffee, I make web applications.


I'm Brian and I am a part-time, freelance web developer. I craft custom solutions for people and organizations. Rather than forcing you to change your workflow to fit a website-email-app-social workflow, I develop a workflow that fits you. Don't hire a "designer" when you need a developer! 

Web Development Journey

In 2013, my wife and I got gazelle intense in getting out of debt. Part of that meant making more money on the side. At the time, I knew design concepts and had been using Adobe Creative Suite for many years for still and motion graphics. However, I did not know how the web worked. That all changed, however, when I threw myself head-first into the world of web-development-for-hire. As my client's unique requests arose, my knowledge and experience also needed to grow.

Over time, I also came up with several of my own ideas, but lacked the technical know-how. That's when I turned to paid online courses where I learned full stack web development using Ruby on Rails. As time went on, I rented my own server and found that while Rails was great for certain types of projects, it wasn't the fastest solution for the complexity-level of most client needs. That's where ProcessWire and PHP comes into play. 

One weekend getaway, I checked out a book on PHP 5 from the library. I read the entire thing in two days. This helped me understand many web server concepts which allowed me to begin solving any problem my clients had with the amazing ProcessWire Content Management System/Content Management Framework. Since I began this journey five years ago, I have been able to build and sell my own full-stack web application (I am not allowed to link to it) and create a news content management system that serves over 272,000 visitors monthly.

What I Enjoy

All in all, here is what I love to do:

Here's some other proficiencies: