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Welcome to Nerd Specs Creative. My name is Brian Scramlin and I am a freelance web developer specializing in custom theming and solutions. I generally work on only one project at a time and stick with you until you are satisfied. This means I am not always available right away, but all my clients are thankful when we get together!

I am passionate about responsive web design, speed and optimization, search engine visibility, and ease-of-use for the client.


How can I help you? My skills are varied, but they all revolve around solving problems. I love making things efficient and scalable—whether that is fixing your website, training you in how to use your content management system, setting up your email accounts, or installing secure, practical, and client-pleasing WiFi infrastructure.

 Web Development

There are three kinds of people who will try to sell you on websites: The Businessman, The Designer, and The Developer. I, am The Developer. In short, that means I actually know how the Internet works, how to code, why SEO works the way it does, and how to make everything you want to do efficient, scalable, and reliable. If you were remodeling your home or business, who do you want—a businessman who builds cookie-cutter houses, an interior decorator, or a licensed contractor? Well, I'm the Mike Holmes of the web. I'll fix your problems and I'll teach you along the way.

 Digital Repair

We've all fell for it. "My brother-in-law knows how to make websites" or similar statement has led us down rabbit trails with less-than-satisfactory results. But, that doesn't mean all is lost. Sometimes, all your website needs is a little TLC from a professional. Couple that with some face-to-face training, and you'll be off to the races, without breaking the bank on a total re-write. If you've got a head scratcher question or a project that just sort of bugs you, give me a call. I'll fix it.


"Knowledge is power" But, in today's economy, "Knowledge is money!" If you've got an idea for a website, e-store, mobile application, or anything in-between, it can be daunting knowing where to turn. From churches to news websites, and from campgrounds to CPAs, my clients consistently say the difference maker between me and the "other guys" is the ability to teach. If you can understand when and how to use the tools you pay for, you'll feel in control, and be able to acheive your goals like never before!

 Business WiFi

How many times have you been at a coffee shop or other establishment and constantly struggle with the WiFi? From weak signals to too-long or too-short sessions, bad WiFi could be turning your customers away. Or, perhaps you've not considered how important high-fidelity WiFi is to your people. I can install a WiFi infrastructure that spans buildings, even if they aren't connected physically, with scalability, and two custom networks—one for you, secure, and one for them, locked down with a custom portal.