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Welcome to the home of web developer, designer, and consultant, Brian Scramlin.

I am currently a Frontend Engineer for GradeCam.

Hi, I'm Brian

The Handsome, Brian Scramlin
JavaScript / ES6
Ruby on Rails
Motion, Vector, and 3D Graphics

My Passion

I am a full-stack web developer and creator. I come alive when solving problems and working on projects which lead to life transformation. From inital concept to launch and training, I walk with clients each step of the way. I want you to excel in what you do best, without being hindered by technology.

What I Do


I save organizations thousands of dollars by educating them on several digital solutions.


I assist clients in a whiteboarding session so that each website or application suits their exact needs.


I handcraft web applications so they are a joy to experience for both clients and customers.


I take care of all behind-the-scenes details such as hosting, domain names, SEO-ranking, and more.

Selected Work

Image of DrydenWire
Image of NEI District
Image of Hidden Diamond Homes
Image of Pray Wabash Web App
Image of Trustease Rails App
Image of The Look Plainfield
Image of New Journey Church
Image of Jack Pine Creations
Image of Harris & Willow
Image of RD Scott Accounting
Image of 85 United Logo
Image of ReEquip12
Image of Women's Retreat


Hiring Brian was the best decision I could have made for my brand! He worked on both my blog and my online store. Not only did he help me navigate the many decisions that come with creating a website, he was very personable throughout the process. He gave great insight and took the time to explain things in layman’s terms. I love how my site turned out and I know that he’s always available when I have technical questions or need insight on new branding ideas.

Ashley Cooper, Founder, Harris and Willow


Brian designed a website for my husband’s art business. It was built from the ground up and over time as the art began to sell Brian was able to grow our website and remotely teach us how to use it, now that’s impressive! What we appreciate about him is how he listens, collaborates, creates and lays things out in an easy format to use. Brian is a joy to work with, explains things thoroughly and is quick to respond to questions or ideas. We could not be happier with the work he does and the product he has created for us. We went from a gallery website to a full functioning online store. We respect his ability, integrity, knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism. 

Bob and Jill Andrea, Co-Founders, Jack Pine Creations

Dev Philosophy

I appreciate you taking a moment to consider my Development Philosophy.

Each organization I work with gets the full treatment. We talk about goals. We talk about life. We talk about workflow.

We have every tool available to us to create low-cost custom software solutions to accomplish any goal. I believe that everyone wins if an experienced developer works in an open, teamwork approach with their client. It frustrates me when we attempt to force organizations to use out-of-the-box platforms which weren't designed around the problem itself. 

So, I believe in the following ideas, which you can experience through my work:


I leverage lazy-loading, AJAX, cache, expires-headers, image compression, and almost always pure, Vanilla JavaScript. 


I work with clients on the whiteboard to understand the actual flow of ideas and creation in the organization. Email, forms, inventory, and web presence should all work together. Again, in today's world of APIs, everything is able to be connected. It only takes some knowledge and care.

SEO Oriented

The development principles I adhere to follow standards proposed by search engines like Google. If you design your website right, search engines know it, and will rank clients higher.


Websites need to follow standards for screen readers to allow their content to be accessible. 


My applications are written with many functions, rather than hard-code. If a page name changes, the website isn't going to break. I leave many comments so I can go back and hook into areas of the application that may need to be scaled up. 


I create custom backends for each client which have safeguards such as minimum image sizes and automatic cropping so everything that goes live looks great. I restrict access to page templates which don't make sense in certain contexts. I create user roles which restrict access to those who shouldn't be in certain areas. 

I hope this Development Philosophy shows you the value you are getting with Nerd Specs Creative.



Content Management

I create custom Content Management solutions with the ProcessWire framework, but am skilled with out-of-the-box solutions such as Wordpress.


I have helped businesses grow their online business using Shopify, Magento, SnipCart, and WooCommerce

Social Media

I utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular Social Media APIs to make sharing easy and SEO happy.

Hire Me

Go ahead and contact me if you'd like a consultation or development proposal.